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What We Do:
Contact Information
Tina Garver, Planner
or Pam Conner, Director
4488 Pineview Drive
Powder Springs, GA  30127

Ph: (770) 943-8001 ext. 361
Ph: (770) 94308001 ext. 354
  • Provide comprehensive planning for the city’s short and long term growth and development
  • Identify needs that the city must address
  • Provide professional advice on goals and policies
  • Identify projects or tools that could address a need or implement a goal
  • Work with the metropolitan planning organization, the county and surrounding jurisdictions to better coordinate the city’s goals and objectives within the regional context

  • Comprehensive Plan
    The Planning Division updates the city's Comprehensive Plan.

    Public Involvement in the Planning Process

    The city welcomes the advice, suggestions, and ideas related to planning policies as well as city projects and encourages citizens to be involved in the decision-making process. The City of Powder Springs has actively sought public input on the numerous planning and capital projects proposed in its Comprehensive Plan and Community Enhancement Master Plan, including:

    • Lucille Trail
    • Shipp Road Sidewalks
    • Silver Comet Linear Park
    • Lewis Road Improvements
    • Town Center Planning
    • Zoning Ordinance Revision
    • Short Term Work Program

    These and other planning efforts are presented and discussed at annual ward meetings and public workshops dedicated specifically to a given project.

    Notification Process
    The City notifies the public about workshops and meetings through the following:

    • Notices on water bills
    • Distribution of planning documents or fact sheets at the public library or at City Hall
    • Press releases
    • Posted signs along roadways
    • Advertisements in the Marietta Daily Journal and Powder Springs Messenger Notices to Boards and Commissions
    • Notices on the City website
    • Personal invitations to property owners in the immediate vicinity of the project area